Propeller Pumps

Corrosion Resistant PP Pumps

Application Transferring of Concentrated HCL From Road Tankers Filter Press for Dyes & Chemical Effluent Treatment Water Treatment Plants Pickling in Steel Rolling Mills Scrubbing of Corrosive Gases Like Ci , Br , F , So , So , Co ,NH .. Electro-Plating Descaling Industries Where Used Dyes and Chemicals Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Cushitic Soda Plants Thermal and Atomic Power Plants Fertilizer Plants Copper, Zinc, Smelter Steel Plants TiO Plants Rayon and Staple Fibre Plant (Bleach Liquor) Paper & Pulp Industries


Size 1.1/2inch, 1.1/4inch, 1/2inch, 1inch, 2inch, 3/4inch, 4/5inch
Type Corrosion Resistant Valves
Material Alloy Steel
Diameter 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm, 50-60mm
Thickness 0-5mm, 10-15mm
Application Gas Fitting
Color Multi Colour
Surface Finishing Polished
Features Accuracy Durable, Corrosion Resistance, Dimensional, Hardend & Temper, High Quality

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Packaging Details EXPORT / CARGO PACING