Propeller Pumps

Chemical Transfer Pumps

We are offering Chemical Transfer Pumps. Application transferring of concentrated hcl from road tankers filter press for dyes & chemical effluent treatment water treatment plants pickling in steel rolling mills scrubbing of corrosive gases like ci , br , f , so , so , co ,nh . electro-plating descaling industries where used dyes and chemicals drugs & pharmaceuticals cushitic soda plants thermal and atomic power plants fertilizer plants copper, zinc, smelter steel plants tio plants rayon and staple fibre plant (bleach liquor) paper & pulp industries.


Type Pumps
Use Chemical Supply
Weight 100-150kg, 150-200kg
Color Multi Colour
Voltage 220V
Automatic Grade Semi Automatic
Power 1-3kw, 3-6kw
Warranty 1year
pump power 10Hp, 2Hp, 3Hp
Pump RPM 1400